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Reconstructive Dentistry

We can expertly evaluate your oral condition to properly diagnose and develop a proper plan. Our specialized training allows us to properly assess the relationship between your teeth, muscles, soft tissues, and jaws so that your bite will remain in the proper orientation and function properly as well as look great.

Perhaps only a single crown or restoration may be needed, but sometimes you may need more extensive work. We will always provide you with a detailed explanation of your oral condition and offer you multiple treatment options as indicated. Should an extensive reconstruction be needed, we will help you decide the best course of treatment for your situation. Restoring your mouth to its proper function can entail both a considerable financial and time commitment on your part.

Symptoms that may require this service

Decay, periodontal disease, tooth erosion, wear, traumatic occlusion, and trauma can result in the loss of a single tooth, multiple teeth, or the loss of supporting bone and gum tissues in your mouth.

Q: I heard you can get implants and dentures done in a day, how is that possible?

A: Not everyone is a candidate for having implants and dentures done in a day. For such a complex procedure, certain criteria must be met first before such a treatment can be considered. Criteria such as systemic health, current dental condition, bone levels of the jaws, patient’s desired outcome, financial consideration, etc. are factors in determining if a patient is a good candidate for this procedure.

The “implants and dentures in a day” line is correct, albeit somewhat misleading. It can be misconstrued to mean a person can walk into a dental clinic without teeth and walk out that same day with a full set of teeth, but in fact, that is in reference to the actual procedure date and not the initial visit. With any complex treatment, careful planning is required and multiple visits may be needed to allow the dentist to gather the necessary data to plan out and execute the treatment.

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