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Traumatic Occlusion and TMD

Teeth that do not contact properly due to a new restoration, trauma, orthodontics, or wear can cause soreness and pain in the teeth themselves, the gums, and the bone. This type of issue is known as traumatic occlusion and is often correctable by way of adjusting the contacting surfaces of the teeth so that they contact evenly and harmoniously.

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is a unique joint on either side of your face, just in front of your ear. Unlike other joints in your body, the TMJ is designed to dislocate out of the socket to allow your mouth to open wide and to move in a wide range of motion. Sometimes the joint may be negatively affected by teeth that are in traumatic occlusion or if the bite is not correct. In many cases, such disturbances to the joint will result in temporomandibular disorder (TMD), which manifests as discomfort in and around the joint and the face, on one side or both. There may be pain upon opening or closing, clicking and/or popping, or even the inability to open or close.

At Prosthodontic Associates, we work closely with other dental specialists to help treat TMD symptoms. We have advanced training in equilibrating a patient’s occlusion (how the teeth bite) and can fabricate dental appliances that help alleviate TMD symptoms and prevent them from returning, following successful treatment.